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VAST Challenge 2012

VAST Challenge 2012

Bank of Money: Visual Analytics for Large-Scale Computer Networks

With our submission(s) for the VAST Challenge 2012, we received the award for an outstanding comprehensive submission, including multiple visualizations.

  • MC1 : Bank of Money Enterprise: Cyber Situation Awareness
    How do you visualize data out of a network containing nearly a million computers in a way that you can perceive its state and identify problems?
  • MC2 : Bank of Money Regional Office Network Operations Forensics
    Unusual events are occurring in one of the Bank of Money’s regional offices.
    What are these unusual events?

We submitted solutions for both available mini challenges. However, there was no overall grand challenge, we integrated and combined both solutions into a single web framework, called BANKSAFE.

Related Publications

  • F. Fischer, J. Fuchs, F. Mansmann and D. A. Keim. BANKSAFE: Visual analytics for big data in large-scale computer networks. Information Visualization, SAGE Publications, 2013. (DOI)
  • F. Fischer, J. Fuchs, F. Mansmann and D. A. Keim. BANKSAFE: A Visual Situational Awareness Tool for Large-Scale Computer Networks (Award for Outstanding Comprehensive Submission). Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST Challenge 2012), 2012. (DOI, Paper, Slides)