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Honeynet Forensic Challenge 10

Honeynet Forensic Challenge 10

Real-Time Visual Analytics: Interactive Monitoring of System Log Events

With a modified version of our visual analytics tool Event Visualizer we won the Forensic Challenge 2011/10 about attack visualization by The Honeynet Project. Our submission can be found here.


The log monitoring tool used in this challenge, which is based on the Event Visualizer framework, is not open source yet. It is unclear if I will publish the software. Because I’m unsure how much time I can spend on that project in the near future to make it useful for a broader audience. However, a publication about this general visual analytics framework will be published at SAC 2012. Its main purpose is visual analytics for general real-time event data.

Related Publications

  • F. Fischer, F. Mansmann and D. A. Keim. Real-Time Visual Analytics for Event Data Streams. Proceedings of the 2012 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2012), 2012. (DOI, Paper, Slides)