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Everyone should know the real nice and helpful tool, called CoronaVis, built by my former colleagues to have a timely visual overview of the current 7-day incidences.

For developers: The source code is available on GitHub! 🙂

In the “live view mode” the data source is provided by Risklayer GmbH and the CEDIM at KIT and the Risklayer-CEDIM-Tagesspiegel SARS-CoV-2 Crowdsourcing Contributors.

With the help of volunteers, a publicly accessible Google Sheet is permanently operated with the latest figures on the Covid-19 pandemic (called crowdsourcing). The data usually comes from the publications of the counties or health authorities. In contrast to the official figures of the Robert Koch Institute, these data are more up-to-date, but can contain inaccuracies. The data of the Robert Koch Institute are normally about 48 hours old at the time of publication. The data basis of the Google Sheet is daily updated and is updated by us half-hourly. The data of the 401 counties are thus recorded over the course of the day. If no data are available yet, the data of the previous day are used.