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VAST Challenge 2011

VAST Challenge 2011

Using Visual Analytics to Investigate Terrorist Activities Related to Epidemics

With our submission for the VAST Challenge 2011, we won the grand challenge and received an award for an Outstanding Comprehensive Submission.

The grand challenge consisted of three mini challenges:

  • MC1 : Geospatial and Microblogging – Characterization of an Epidemic Spread
  • MC2 : Cybersecurity – Situational Awareness in Computer Networks
  • MC3 : Text Analytics – Investigation into Criminal Activity

The grand challenge combined all available dataset to provide a global picture of the ongoing terrorist activities.

Related Publications

  • E. Bertini, J. Buchmüller, F. Fischer, S. Huber, T. Lindemeier, F. Maaß, F. Mansmann, T. Ramm, M. Regenscheit, C. Rohrdantz, C. Scheible, T. Schreck, S. Sellien, F. Stoffel, M. Tautzenberger, M. Zieker and D. A. Keim. Visual Analytics of Terrorist Activities Related to Epidemics. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST Challenge 2011), 2011. (DOI, Paper)